Hand Crafted Gifting

 Hand-Made, Recycled, Up-cycled...
Home Grown, Wild Foraged, Refined. 
Thoughtful products and gifts for you and your loved ones, all from The Ojai Valley and it's eclectic community of artisans.  
Curated by Hippie Care Package and shipped from Azu Restaurant in the Heart of the Ojai Valley.


Hippie Starter Kit

 Local white sage smudge stick, detox bath crystals, local succulent arrangement hand made orchardand palo santo incense. $35

Wine & Relaxation box

Local wine, soy wax wine bottle candle, Moon Valley Marmalade, Jeremy's Spice Rub, local white smudge stick, palo santo incense & Selenite Stick. Re use wine bottles for drinking glasses. $100-$140

altar box

Curated crystals to bring love, abundance & balance into your home or office.  Local white sage smudge stick, detox bath crystals, Selenite stick, hand made orchard and palo santo incense. $50-$80

Up Cycled . Recycled . Hand Made . Locally Sourced


Hippie Care Package was created by Elizabeth Haffner for her own personal Christmas gifting needs. She, and husband Jeremy, made marmalade from the trees on their ranch, herb infused bath salts, succulents, white sage smudges, and anything they could grow themselves and hand craft into something special. Their family business, AZU Restaurant had an endless supply of cardboard boxes and wine bottles... Why buy it new when you can up-cycle and create something special, she thought.



All Botanicals Grown in Ojai


Roses, sage, citrus, succulents & lavender all grown organically on the Etchart Orchard or sourced from farms in Ojai. Our products are inspired by nature, from our Orchard Incense  to Moon Valley Marmalade, our unique gifts reflect the amazing Valley we get to call home.



Moon Valley Marmalade 


Moon Valley Marmalade is hand made in small batches by Jeremy Haffner with organic fruit from the Etchart Orchard in Ojai. It is available seasonally, but always available in April for Pixie month. Our Pixie marmalade is made with whole fruit, pixie zest, organic sugar. It is never homogenized, and never twice the same.





Our gifting services are a great way to provide a unique gift for the happy couple or to give to you wedding guests. We need at least 6 weeks to put together large group orders.